AAW Pro Wrestling and 115 Bourbon Street Present The Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament Night 1 & 2

Friday, October 7, 2016
115 Bourbon Street
3359 w 115th St
Merrionette Park, IL

8:00pm Bell Time
7:15pm Doors

All Ages Event
Purchase tickets at www.aawrestling.com

There was an in-ring segment to introduce non-TNA talents JT Dunn, Chuck Taylor, Shynron, David Starr, Jonathan Gresham, plus TNA newcomers Marshe Rockett and Caleb Konley. The segment was overtaken by Rockstar Spud who proceeded to run down all of the new talent provoking Chuck Taylor to challenge him to a match right then and Spud demanding the rest of the competitors watch him.

Chuck Taylor defeated Rockstar Spud
Spud tried to to leave the match early on when it was clear Chuck wouldn’t be easily beat but his retreat was foiled by the rest of the Xtravangaza competitors and the finish came when Spud was arguing with those outside after they knocked his feet off the ropes and the distraction allowed Chuck the opening to roll him up for the win.

Braxton Sutter earned a future X Division Title shot by defeating Crazzy Steve, DJZ, Chuck Taylor, Eddie Edwards, Suicide and Marshe Rockett in a Ladder Match

More detailed results will be posted when they become available and screencaps will be up before the weekend, apologies for the delay.

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EVOLVE 66 – August 19th – 8pm EDT – Joppa, MD
-EVOLVE Title Match – No Holds Barred: Timothy Thatcher defends vs. Matt Riddle
-Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Cody Rhodes
-WWE CWC Spotlight Match #1: Tony Nese vs. Drew Gulak
-WWE CWC Spotlight Match #2: Cedric Alexander vs. TJ Perkins with Stokely Hathaway
-DUSTIN vs. Ethan Page
-Tracy Williams & Fred Yehi vs. Jigsaw & Peter Kaasa


EVOLVE 67 – August 20th – 3pm EDT – Brooklyn, NY
-EVOLVE Title Match (if Thatcher retains at EVOLVE 66): Timothy Thatcher vs. Drew Gulak
-Drew Galloway, Ethan Carter III & DUSTIN vs. Tracy Williams, Fred Yehi & TJ Perkins with Stokely  Hathaway
-Chris Hero vs. Cody Rhodes
-WWE CWC Spotlight Match: Cedric Alexander vs. Zack Sabre Jr.
-Tommy End vs. Matt Riddle
-Tony Nese vs. Peter Kaasa
-Plus Ethan Page and others!!!

You can pre-order the live iPPVs of each of these events at www.WWNLive.com now

Drew Galloway, Ethan Carter III & Dustin vs. TJ Perkins, Tracy Williams & Fred Yehi has been signed for EVOLVE 67 on August 20th in Brooklyn, NY. If you saw the EVOLVE events last weekend, you know why this is happening if not catch yourself up with the video below.

Evolve 67 will have a special 3pm event and will be over in time to view NXT.

Click below for both weekly and one night only ppv spoilers.


Galloway attacks Gargano after his win, but Page makes the save and takes the chair shots for his friend and former partner. Drew Gulak runs in and dropkicks Galloway. I guess it’s on. Then as the match is about to begin, CHUCK TAYLOR ATTACKS DREW GULAK! HOLY CRAP! Fred Yehi and Tracy Williams run out to stop the madness. Galloway calls Chuck Taylor “Dustin.” We’re using shoot names now. Galloway challenges Catch Point for the Evolve tag team titles later on. Williams calls Evolve their home and asks Gulak if they want to defend it. Gulak agrees, and there we go.

Evolve Tag Team Championship: Catch Point (Drew Gulak and Tracy Williams)(champions) vs.Drew Galloway and “Dustin” Chuck Taylor

Galloway and Dustin saunter out. Catch Point save for Gulak and Williams are left in the ring. Galloway tells Riddle he doesn’t need anyone, including the machine. Brawl to start as expected. Galloway goes for Future Shock but is countered. Things continue to be chaotic. Gulak and Williams double team Galloway. Referee turns his back so the rudos can take control. Williams comes in and works Taylor over with some chops and an armbar takedown. More double teaming ends with a back suplex. Williams looks super crisp during this portion of the contest. Taylor comes back with a dropkick on a Williams dive attempt. Heat segment on Williams. Williams gets into a strikefest with Galloway but he still gets cut off. Gulak and Taylor finally collide one-on-one. Series of strikes before applying the Gulock. Galloway makes the save. Snap suplex into the corner. Chinbreaker and tag to Galloway. Dropkick off the top by Williams. Butterfly superplex on Galloway into the crossface. Tombstone by Galloway. Gulak breaks that count. Gulak hits a diving lariat on Taylor. Taylor applies a Koji Clutch? Gulak eventually makes the bottom rope. Williams gets all fired up. Piledriver attempt but Galloway hits a yakuza kick. Piledriver by Williams. All four men in the ring. Gulak ankle locks Galloway. Galloway slingshots Gulak into the medal part of the ring. Never seen that before. Williams forearms Taylor. Williams dives on Galloway. Pop-up powerbomb by Taylor. A second one. Omega Driver! That’s it!

Winners and New Champs
Drew Galloway and Chuck Taylor

Galloway says they broke Evolve’s spirit tonight and they’ll rip out the heart the next night when Galloway defeats Gargano. Galloway says Taylor, EC3, Hero, Rhodes, and himself will all be in the house. Taylor says he’s been in Evolve since day one and buries Gulak for being in CZW. Taylor wants to know where his contract is. He says Chuck Taylor is now dead. Gargano will have his back broken.